The deadline for submission of proposals regarding the Call for Expressions of Interest by ETAD SA for the utilization of Zone III at the Olympic Center of Faliro has been extended.

The deadline for the submission of proposals for the utilization of Zone III at the Faliro Olympic Center has been postponed to June 17. The increased interest in submitting proposals by the investing public is the reason for the 20-day extension, as reported by the Greek state’s Public Real Estate Company (ETAD) SA.
ETAD SA, as recently announced, intends to proceed with the utilization of Zone III of the Faliro Olympic Pole, through an international tender for the long-term granting of the right of use, management and exploitation.

Specifically, Zone III of the Faliro Olympic Pole consists of an area of 262,107 sq.m. which includes a) the TAE KWON DO Indoor Gym, b) the Esplanade, c) the Glass building, d) the Water Square and e) outdoor parking spaces.

The facilities

The Indoor Gym TAE KWON DO, also known as Indoor Faliro, with main indoor spaces of 11,600 sq.m. and a capacity of 8,000 seats, of which 3,800 are permanent, features an elliptical roof and wooden surfaces all around. It is n emblematic building of the “Athens 2004” Olympic Games.

The Esplanade, as a bridge, is the point where the urban landscape joins the beach and delineates the exit to the sea. Various cultural activities have been hosted in its enclosed space.

The Glass Building is a rectangular, two-storey building, with a total area of 2,528.50 sq.m., with vertical glass surfaces on the two broader sides. Characteristic of the building is the terrace overlooking the entire Faliron Bay.

The Water Square, now a well-established concert venue, is an open space by the sea. The area, located between the TAE KWON DO stadium and the Beach Volleyball court, offers unrestricted views, extending from the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) to Glyfada and has hosted important artists from the international music scene. Along the Water Square there are 4 refreshment stands of light construction.

Also, the property includes outdoor parking spaces for more than 1,000 vehicles.

The whole of Zone III is located in one of the most crucial points of the regeneration of the Coastal Zone of Attica, which is to be a characteristic reference point of the new Athenian Riviera and is defined as a Culture and Conference Zone, which allows the following land uses and activities:
Conference rooms with accompanying and supporting functions and exhibition spaces, Theme Parks, Recreation areas, Semi-outdoor event spaces.
Outdoor cinema, Outdoor mass events / happenings / mega events, areas for installations, artistic happenings, landmarks and commercial venues
Public information booths, refreshment and restaurant areas, guard booths – Outdoor and underground parking facilities, and support facilities.

The goal of ETAD SA is the development in the area of a culture / leisure / entrepreneurship network with a metropolitan character. This will constitute a unification of the public urban space with a new zone of culture and entertainment that will offer a multitude of activities of high standards and aesthetics.
The development of Zone III, being part of the overall regeneration of the coastal front, will assist in the creation of a single route from the city center to Vouliagmeni. In this context, priority is given to the development of innovative and environmentally friendly facilities of high aesthetical value.

Open invitation – supporting documents

For the preparation of the tender documents, in order to cover the objectives that have been set, but also of its statutory purpose, ETAD sends an open invitation to the interested parties, which are invited to submit:
– their proposals at the level of conceptual design, depending on their interest, both for the whole of Zone III, and for one or more properties of the Zone, taking into – account the existing institutional framework of permitted land uses and building conditions.
– the choice of uses that will develop with the respective building-coverage sizes.
– implementation schedule and possible distinct development phases.
– the desired duration of the concession.
– the estimated amount of the investment.
– proof of the viability of the investment plan.
– their experience in implementation, management and operation similar to the proposed project.

In case the interested party proposes uses beyond the allowed ones, this remains in the discretion of ETAD to assess and investigate whether this modification is in principle institutionally feasible and within what timeframe.

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