Greece is preparing to issue – starting 1 June – the Green Vaccination Certificate to its citizens.

Therefore, our country will be one of the first EU countries. which will facilitate safe and free movement within Europe, but also with some third countries, during the pandemic.

It is worth noting that the expectations for this year’s tourist season are high (with the initial goal being placed at 50% of revenues in 2019) and the first indications for trips to our country are estimated to be extremely encouraging.

“Russia is an important market for us. From the data we have at our disposal we consider that the Russian vaccine is safe and effective. “Of course it has not been approved by the EMA, so we do not use the vaccine, in full compliance with European regulations regarding supplies, but I do not see any problem in welcoming tourists in Greece who have been vaccinated with the Sputnik vaccine,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized at the Financial Times conference.

Regarding the issue of the Chinese vaccine, the Prime Minister estimates that we do not expect many tourists from China.

Vote of confidence

In his meeting with his German counterpart Thomas Barais, Tourism Minister Harris Theocharis received assurances that the German government is seriously considering lifting the mandatory quarantine measure for vaccinated German tourists returning from Greece.

In addition, Germany says it is ready to implement the Green Digital Certificate from the end of June.

German travel giant TUI gave a vote of confidence to Greece. Its people estimate that Greece is expected to have the best summer performance, along with Spain and Cyprus. They also praised Mr. Theocharis for the way in which Greece dealt with the pandemic, characterizing our country as a “model” in dealing with the unprecedented health crisis caused by Covid-19.

The messages from Great Britain are also positive, as according to the “Telegraph” Greek islands such as Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos, Corfu and Crete are expected to be included on Friday, May 7 in the first “green health list”.

In practice, this means that the British will be able to vacation in Greece, without the obligation of a 10-day quarantine upon return to their country.


On Friday, May 13, shortly before the country officially opens its gates to visitors, the Ministry of Tourism presented the new tourism campaign.

Greece is presented in the international press as a safe travel destination and a friendly country for tourists.

It is reminded that in order for a visitor to enter Greece without being subjected to quarantine restrictions, he must present to the Greek authorities a vaccination certificate, a certificate that he has already passed the disease or a negative test, PCR or antigen.

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