The utilization of the 23 regional airports of Greece starts from Kalamata, with the Superfund putting on the gas for the airport “Captain Vassilis Konstantakopoulos”. The first steps are expected today and concern the publication of a tender for the recruitment of a technical consultant, who will design the appropriate utilization model. This was revealed yesterday by the CEO of the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (EESYP), the so-called superfund, Grigoris Dimitriadis (pictured), speaking at the Economic Forum of Delphi.

In recent years, Kalamata airport has recorded impressive performance. For 2019, the last year before Covid-19, passenger traffic reached 336,000 passengers from 280,900 in 2018, showing an increase of 20.3%. The vast majority 310,000 were arrivals from abroad. In 2020, passenger traffic fell due to the pandemic to 87,280 passengers, while this year passenger traffic is expected to more than double compared to last year.

The rise of the tourist flow in the southern and southwestern Peloponnese, focusing on Costa Navarino, has played a decisive role in the high-end “flights”. The international tender for the concession of Kalamata airport is estimated to come on line in one and a half years.

What model of utilization will the small regional airports follow?

At the same time, various models are being considered for the utilization of the remaining 22 small regional airports that remain under the control of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). As stated yesterday, by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, the possibility of creating airport clusters is on the table. However, other alternative scenarios are being considered, such as the long-term concession contract, according to the standards of “Eleftherios Venizelos” or the 14 regional airports, as well as the institution of the concession or the management contract, the so-called “management contract”, in which a private entity undertakes to provide management and operation services of regional airports for a fee.

Investment opportunities for the assets of the Superfund

During his presence at the Delphi Economic Forum, the head of ESSYP, Mr. Demitriadis, pointed out that the intention of the Superfund is to accelerate the modernization and better utilization of public companies in its portfolio, taking advantage of the excellent investment climate.

He explained that the portfolio of the Superfund includes a wide range of public companies, listed and unlisted, operating in many different strategic sectors of the economy. These companies have developed ambitious investment programs in which private funds will be invited to participate.

He stressed that it is important for the Superfund to play an active role and support its subsidiaries in order to offer upgraded services to citizens through a more customer-centric philosophy, to improve their financial position and to proceed with their investment plans. The role of the Superfund is to facilitate these investments and to solve any problems that arise along the way.

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