As last year, EY Greece will present, exclusively and for the first time in Greece the findings of the research conducted by EV worldwide, entitled: “Attractiveness Survey”, at the InvestGR Forum.

Specifically, during the first discussion panel of the 4th InvestGR Forum 2021: Reforming the Greek Economy, the first findings of the research of EV, “Attractiveness Survey: Greece 2021”, will be presented and analyzed, on the topic of Greece’s attractiveness as an investment destination. The third edition of the EY annual survey will capture the investment community’s views on Greece, the country’s strengths and weaknesses as an investment destination,and its performance in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) over the past year. as well as its course as an investment destination compared to previous years.

The research, which is an autonomous part of the wider EY Attractiveness research on the attractiveness of different countries and geographical areas as investment destinations, is based on a significant sample of executives of large foreign companies, who either already have an investment presence in Greece or are potential investors.

The CEO of EY Greece, Mr. Panagiotis Papazoglou, stated:

“It is our great pleasure to participate for the second consecutive year, and for the third time in total, in the InvestGR Forum. This event is now an institution around the issue of foreign direct investment in Greece, bringing the State closer to companies and investors. At EY, realizing the criticality of investments in creating long-term value for the Greek economy and society, since 2019 we monitor and record through our study “Attractiveness Survey”, the views of the international investment community on the attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination. So, in the third year of our research, we will be present at the 4thInvestGR Forum 2021, to convey the “pulse” of the global investment market regarding Greece, to compare the country’s performance in attracting FDI last year, and to analyze its prospects as an investment destination, today, tomorrow, and beyond “.

The founder of the InvestGR Forum and CEO of PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND NETWORKS, Mr. Andreas Giannopoulos, commented: “Through a great and complete study on a significant sample of senior executives of international companies, with existing or potential investments in Greece. I anticipate with certainty that not only is it expected with anticipation, but also that it will be thoroughly studied by the institutions and the business community.”

The 4th InvestGR Forum 2021: Reforming the Greek Economy is organized by PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND NETWORKS for the fourth consecutive year and will take place with the support and under the auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Ministry of Development and Investment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and BSE association of industrial enterprises, while important media will be Communication Sponsors.

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