Diana Shipping announced new charters with more than double fares for two of its ships.

The NYSE-listed shipping company of the Palios family announced the charter of the cape (179,134 dwt, 2013) “P.S. Palios” to Olam International Limited, Singapore with a daily fare of $ 26,500 minus 4.75% commissions to a third party, for the period until February-April 2022.

The “P. S. Palios” was chartered until the end of last week to C Transport Maritime Ltd. for $ 12,050 a day.

Daina Shipping also chartered the kamsarmax (82,193 dwt, 2009) “Maia” to Viterra Chartering B.V., based in Rotterdam for $ 25,000 a day until May-June 2022.

“Maia” was chartered to Aquavita International S.A. with a gross fare of $ 11,000 per day minus 5% commissions to a third party.

The new charters of the two ships are expected to bring Diana Shipping revenue of $ 14.62 million.

Diana Shipping’s fleet consists of 36 dry bulk carriers.

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