Strawberry exports reached a record this year, while watermelon continues its upward trend. From the beginning of the year until 10 June, strawberry exports amounted to 64,156 tons compared to 48,292 tons in the corresponding month last year, recording an increase of 32.9%, with the main destinations being Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and Estonia.

According to the export announcements of the Ministry of Rural Development, processed by the Association of Exporters of Fruit, Vegetables and Juices Incofruit Hellas, watermelon exports increased by 9.8% reaching 74,992 tons, despite the low demand from the main destinations Italy (12,410) , Romania (11,766 tonnes), and Poland (11,242 tonnes).

“The main culprit for the lower demand was the cold and rainy weather in Europe. Watermelon is best consumed when the weather is hot and we do not yet have a real summer for the EU”, special advisor of Incofruit Hellas G. Polychronakis noted in a statement.

However, the exports of stone fruits record a negative sign. Specifically, exports from 1 / 5-11 / 6 of cherries were down by 30.4% reaching 5,845 tons, apricots reached 3,030 tons (reduced by 47.1%) and peaches just 1,828 tons reduced by 66 , 3% compared to the same period last year.

“Peach and nectarine harvests continue with production being among the lowest in recent years due to the effects of frost. Although the demand has not yet been restored to the levels of the season as it should be due to the bad weather, the prices are good, while the consumption of winter fruits remains high “, points out G. Polychronakis.

The export of apples and kiwis continues

In the week under review from 4 to 10/6/2021, the export – distribution of citrus and kiwi continued at a reduced rate, they are practically over.

The overall picture of our exports is -1.9% reduced compared to the corresponding period in 2020.

The export of apples continues with an estimate of their export rate + 12.5% ​​(1/10 / 20-4 / 6/21) 78,547 t. against 69,803 t. of which 50,788 against 44,070 respectively went to Egypt.

But also tomatoes from 1/1 to 10/6/2021 recorded exports amounting to 30,542 tons compared to 25,698 tons last year (increase of 18.8%).

In addition to strawberries, the current export season of both mandarins and cucumbers has also set a historic record, when the commercial season has virtually ended.

The export of kiwis continues (1/9 / 20-11 / 6/21) 165,767 t. compared to 169,247 t. y last year, with the quantities to third non-EU-27 countries representing 27.8% with 46,168 t. against 30.3% in the corresponding period 2019/20 with 51,231 t.

Problems from the lack of trucks

“The untimely solution of the facilitation of international truck drivers by conducting rapid tests on truck drivers disembarking in the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa, presented its effects last week with a lack of trucks for smooth export. of fruits and vegetables of our country “, comments G. Polychronakis, noting that this measure in combination with the operation for the” Green Belts” in the transport within the EU Member States, will facilitate from next week the smooth movement of goods and the smooth operation of the supply chain and will help the export effort and especially the export sector of fruits and vegetables of our country “.

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