Pyletech Shipyards, a member of the NorthStar group, announced its re-participation in the Hellenic Shipyards (former Scaramanga shipyard) tender.

The company had submitted in the previous tender 25 million euros (15.1 million euros the price plus 10 million euros the fines).

According to the company, the fines for arbitrary buildings in the area, estimated at 9 million euros, have not been paid, while another 1 million euros are needed for the firefighting permit. The above amounts will be borne by the prospective buyer, as they remain unpaid until today.

The company claims that it is the only serious interested party for Scaramanga Shipyards. “Despite the persistent spread of rumors from specific interest centers for dozens of alleged stakeholders, no one has appeared to date, except Pyletech Shipyards,” the company said in a statement.

In a statement, the company notes that “the vision of the North Star Group and Pyletech Shipyards is to create in Scaramangas an internationally competitive, dynamic and profitable Greek shipyard and technology center, which will serve the requirements of maintenance and construction of commercial and military vessels, will produce high-tech exportable products, and will meet the needs of the national defense of Greece “.

It also notes that it is considering its participation in the tender that Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) is running in parallel for the property within the Shipyards that it owns.

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