The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, spoke to the show «MEGA Σαββατοκύριακο» (“MEGA Weekend”) about the kick-off (on 25/5) of the biggest urban project, while he also referred to the privileges that will have those who have been inoculated.

“Initially, we will give an urgent subsidy only to the dance schools that were closed”, revealed Mr. Georgiadis.

As he said: “This week will be paid at least 10,000 catering professionals” and he, also, stressed out that this is the fastest liquidation of the NSRF in the history of the Greek state.

“The application was made on 14/5, the first payments have already been made and the largest part of the payments are about to come”, he noted.

As for the gyms, he added: “The gyms reopened two weeks after the opening of the cafés and the restaurants, thus, the payment for the gyms will be made two weeks after the payment for the cafés and the restaurants”.

Historic moment for the Hellinikon project: The project is now signed – The works for this big investment can now begin

The investment of Hellinikon Project was signed and got off the ground just yesterday, after 7 years of waiting and almost 20 years since the day the old airport of Athens stopped operating.

The most emblematic project of HRADF entered today a new era and the huge investment of a total of 7 billion euros has just begun.

“This location belongs to Lamda Development.” Some work will be done in June and in July the first competition is also going to take place”, said the Minister of Development and Investments, who spoke about a large-scale project that “will breathe new life to the whole of Attica and will soon show the way for new investments in other parts of Athens” he added.

“It will make 75,000 new vacancies and it will give the residents of Attica a 1.5 km beach with free entrance. 4 hotels will be built, 2 of them by the sea and a park. In 2025, the largest part of the project will be done. What everyone thinks is that this place has been unused since 2000. We won the bet”, he pointed out.

“It is such a great moment for Greece, it would be miserable to focus on what each party stated”, he added. The Hellinikon Project must give us the incentive to be united. The division that existed in the party of SYRIZA didn’t let the project be completed. The day before yesterday, Mr. Athanassiou made an update on this project and named me “Minister of Space Speed”. “When the investor says we went extremely fast,” he said in response to the official opposition and criticism.

Progress on vaccinations and the benefits of the vaccinated ones

“I am criticized when I am the first one to state something and then it is applied. There is no question of privileges.  It is mostly a question of sense. When you decide not to get vaccinated you risk more. If you have decided not to get inoculated, we must have measures that will protect you from your choice. It is not a matter of privileges.

There will be relevant announcements for the indoor spaces on Monday. The vaccinated ones will be able to move freely in more places, especially during the winter. We will not force any businessman. But when the inoculated ones accinated enter the indoor spaces, the businessmen will move in their interest. If a Covid case is found in the restaurant, this restaurant should be closed. It is not a matter of discrimination. Depending on our choice we will have consequences.”, he continued.

“If this pace of vaccinations is maintained throughout the summer, we will make progress. If the 4,300,000 becomes 7 million we will reach the level we want. But, we do not know if this pace will be maintained. The anti-vaccination movement is not just a Greek phenomenon,” he added.

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