Only 0.07% of tourists who came to our country in the first ten days of July were positive for coronavirus cases. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis speaking during the meeting: “The next day of the Greek Hotel, utilizing the financial means” organized by the Hotel Chamber of Greece.

Mr. Theocharis underlined that the negligible positivity at the entrance gates clearly shows us that the increase in Covid-19 cases in Greece is not related to tourism. And that is why we have an even greater obligation to contribute with all our might to speeding up the vaccination program.

More specifically, during the first 10 days of July at the entrance gates of our country, 105,609 samples were taken. The positive cases were only 74, that is, the positivity rate is 0.07%. Really infinitesimal.

Based on these 105,609 samples we found that the positivity at the land border is even lower than the general index, practically negligible, ie 0.01%. At ports it is 0.07% and at airports 0.09%. As expected, tourists from countries such as the United States, for example, with the highest number of vaccinations, had the fewest cases. And the average age of those who were found positive at the entrance gates, is 35.9 years, 58% men and 42% women, said Mr. Theocharis

Mr. Theocharis then referred to the European Recovery Fund, noting that “we have at our disposal 260 million euros to begin the substantial and long-term transformation of Greek Tourism. With a combination of investments and reforms, which is analyzed in two central pillars: Green and Blue growth “.

Regarding the Green Pillar, the Minister of Tourism stated that “we have already planned and are rapidly moving forward with a package of strategic investments which concern, first of all, the institution of Management and Promotion Organizations of Destinations (DMMOs). We place great emphasis on the development of Mountain Tourism, on Wellness Tourism, definitely on agritourism and gastronomy, making the corresponding, brave, let me say, investments “.

For the Blue Pillar, he noted that “we actively support the upgrade and modernization of infrastructure such as tourist ports across the country and marinas. We are putting underwater tourism on a new footing, with exciting diving parks and we are planning the map with the accessible beaches from the beginning “.

Finally, especially for private tourism companies, the Ministry of Tourism has started a series of synergies with other ministries, in order to achieve the ideal integration of hotels and other accommodation units in horizontal financial support programs. Indicatively, he mentioned that together with the Ministry of Development, the subsidies of the companies are being studied, and with the Ministry of Environment, the “I save” Program.

For the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises we are working closely with the Ministry of Digital Governance and for the design of new cultural routes which will attract tourists to new, hitherto unexplored destinations, we walk in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, concluded Mr. Theocharis.

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