The firefighters fought all night with the flames to stop the conflagration that passed through Varybobi, Adames, Tatoi and Thrakomakedones, and reached Acharnes. The fire burned dozens of houses and threatened human lives, while the whole area was evacuated, with fires continuing throughout the night.

Shortly after 3 in the morning, an order was given for a precautionary evacuation of a part of Kryoneri, with the flames threatening the settlement. However, according to the latest information, the picture on this front is better, with the competent authorities expressing their optimism for the course of the fire. “We continue the effort and are vigilant until the final control of the fire,” the deputy mayor of Dionysos, Dimitris Raikos, told

In the effort of the ground forces to bring the fire under control, the next minutes and the aerial fire-fighting means will assist, which had stopped throwing water from the sunset, and now the next bet is that the flames will not cross the National Road. .

Dozens of fires

The fire is in full swing in a very large perimeter that extends to the triangle of the settlement of Adames, Varybobi, and Thrakomakedones. The flames even crossed the stream of Helidonou and there it burned areas up to Lykovrisi.

In the above triangle there are dozens of large outbreaks that the fire brigade is trying to deal with and keep on the perimeter. On the positive side, the winds are not strong, which leaves hopes that the fire will be kept to its limits and will be controlled in the coming hours.

It is noted that the settlements of Adames, Mortero, Fasideri, Floga and Ano Varybombi have been evacuated, while an evacuation order was given for the Thrakomakedones, the Olympic Village and part of Kryoneri.

The flames threatened Kryoneri – Message from 112

The residents of Kryoneri were upset huddled in the streets and squares in the early hours of Wednesday morning, while a partial evacuation took place. “The situation is very difficult. I wish the fire was extinguished and we had woken up the residents unjustly,” said the deputy mayor of Dionysos to

Access to the area has been blocked for those wishing to enter, while police forces have closed the roads leading to the fire.

In fact, a relevant message was sent from 112. “If you are on Anoixeos Street near the forest area of ​​Kryoneri, evacuate now to Athens-Lamia National Highway via Kryoneri Avenue. “Forest fire in your area” is typically mentioned.

At the same time, it is appealed that citizens should not overestimate their abilities as it will be particularly difficult to break through. The need for full compliance with the orders of the civil protection, as well as the municipality and the fire brigade is emphasized.

The three factors that spread the fire

The professor of Natural Disaster Management, Efthymis Lekkas, explained what contributed to the spread of the fire in Varybobi.

It is noted that Mr. Lekkas is already in the fire-affected area.

“Apart from the climatic conditions (low relative humidity and high temperatures for a long time) the professor points out three additional factors that catalyzed the development of the fire,” he said in a statement.

The three factors are:

1. The character of a mixed zone of the area that is residential and forest

2. The high fuel load

3. The morphology of the area, which on a large scale resembles a funnel between the mountains of Parnitha and Penteli

“The combination of the above led, according to the first conclusions of the professor, to the rapid and catastrophic spread of the fire in an area environmentally central to the basin,” said Mr. Lekkas. fire department.

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