A series of changes are launched by ministerial decision in the Leader program, which determine the future of private investment.

The changes that were launched by decision of the Minister of Rural Development and Food Spilios Livanos and strengthen the investment environment, include the following:

1. With the abolition of the obligation to submit at least one payment request within one year from the inclusion of the investment plans. The beneficiaries are facilitated in the implementation of their investment plans, taking into account the special conditions that have been created due to COVID – 19.

2. Provisions to facilitate electronic communication between the beneficiaries and the competent services of the program shall ensure the legitimacy of actions carried out through electronic communication, limiting the processing time of bureaucratic procedures and strengthening measures to prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

3. The ground is prepared for the efficient operation of the payment system of the program, with the increase of the advance rate to Local Government for the payment of the investment plans from 25% to 50%, which will be achieved by the abolition of the obligation to present a letter of guarantee from the Local Government and the use of this provision.

4. With the possibility of increasing the budget of the Transaction, in case the VAT is a matter of choice, but was not calculated from the beginning by the beneficiary, the beneficiaries are facilitated in the correction of errors in their budget, related to the eligibility of VAT.

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