Greece is chosen by the rich for their summer rest, or playground. The Greek islands are at the top of the list of those who take vacations by boat and those whose pockets are full.

Characteristic is the fact that one of the largest and most advanced yachts that travels in any seas is currently in Greece. With a length of 136 meters, 21 cabins, 55 crew members and the ability to accommodate 25 guests, it is rented for 3,000,000 euros per week.

Luxury yachts are the holiday choice for businessmen of world renown, movie stars, but also for internationally renowned athletes.

Even this top boat sailed in the Aegean seas this summer, as Greece was in the top selections of the international jet set for this summer. The 85-meter-long boat, with 10 cabins, 26 crew members and the capacity to accommodate 12 guests, rents for 800,000 euros per week.

In our country there are boats that are hired for up to 2,000,000 per week

All include incredible amenities. From indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, training areas and saunas and of course one or more helipads. The cost of catering can be just as high.

“A normal amount for the staff and the guests can start from 15,000 euros but we do not know where it can reach, it has no ceiling. It depends on the requirements of the charterer. He may want whiskey that costs 5,000 euros per bottle,” says Theodoros Mouratidis, owner of a boat catering business.

The elite tenants of the luxury yachts, however, could not but have special requirements. Greece, and in fact both the Ionian and the Aegean, are at the top of the choices of those who manage superyachts according to “Bloomberg superyacht”.

“For the first time in the Greek marinas there were 194 superyachts from June 25. 80 more than in May and 90 more than in the same month of 2020 “, says Kelly Kochila, CEO of concierge yacht company.

Italy is the second choice, as 171 superyachts were found in that country’s marinas, followed by the United States, but with losses of at least 100 vessels from the previous year.

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