The ominous prediction that the accuracy in a number of products and services will last a long time, was made by the president of the Consumer Institute (INKA) George Lechouritis.

“Expensiveness casts shadows over the market,” he said, adding that fruits and vegetables such as peaches, figs and cucumbers are sold at exorbitant prices.

Commenting on the increase in prices of basic goods, he pointed out to Open TV, that “everything that goes up in Greece does not go down. If PPC increases, the winter will be very difficult. The housewife’s basket is no longer full. Wages did not increase, pensions did not increase, as a result of which he either starve or buy food of dubious quality. Consumers need to react. Assistance and allowance policies are not appropriate. Expensiveness will last much longer, maybe the whole of 2022! ”

“De-escalation after Christmas”

For his part, the president of KEPE (Center for Planning and Economic Research), Panagiotis Liargovas, said in the same source, that “this accuracy will be temporary, until Christmas, then we will have de-escalation. Last year we had a reduction in production and this year a great demand. “Climate change is also responsible.” Mr. Liargovas, referring to the interventions of the government, noted that they will help.

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