The big losers of the pandemic are “invisible”: women, children, the disabled, the elderly. “In the announcements of the prime minister at the Thessaloniki International Fair, not a single measure for social protection”, Theano Fotiou, MP of the Southern Sector of Athens of SYRIZA, Deputy Head of the Department for Social Solidarity noted in a statement .

Ms. Fotiou emphasizes the following:

– The Prime Minister promised protection of the family income, which did not support with even a single euro households of the middle and weak strata during the pandemic, as other European countries did.

– He promised the extremely poor households of the Minimum Guaranteed Income 50 million at Christmas instead of a social dividend of 1.5 billion for the weak and middle classes that SYRIZA gave.

– He was proud that all the children found places in kindergartens when he left out 83,000 children this year

– The persons who called the school meals of the Mediterranean diet soup kitchens and left them at 185,000 daily as handed to him by SYRIZA, promised to fight childhood obesity, instead of extending the meals to all 600,000 primary school students.

– Instead of child protection for minors, he offers child labor and free Gigabytes on mobile phones

– The only one who “walks ahead and looks up” so as not to see reality is Mr. Mitsotakis himself “

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