“What was announced by the Prime Minister was encouraging, however, the pressure provided by the current situation, creates a firm view that the reforms, alleviations and regulations should continue in 2022,” This was noted by the president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Attica Regional Chamber Council, Vassilis Korkidis, commenting on yesterday’s announcements by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mr. Korkidis stated that “in the revelations of the government’s financial planning, from the Prime Minister at the Thessaloniki International Fair, we heard prudent relief measures, with social sensitivity and economic logic. The “benefits account” of the Thessaloniki International Fair, after the financial announcements, acquired special interest, since with the growth rate of the second quarter and the favorable estimates, the growth of this year’s GDP was revised from 3.6% to 5.9% and created a valuable fiscal space for measures to alleviate and curb high prices. I find what has been announced by the Prime Minister encouraging, but the pressure that the current situation provides, creates a firm view that the reforms, alleviations and arrangements should continue in 2022.”

Government responses

He added that the government’s dynamics and reflexes to tackle the asymmetric threat of the pandemic, which has caused and continues to try even the strongest economies, so far successfully, is verified by the undeniable “truth of the numbers” of the economy. Numbers, which confirm the official reaction data of the economy and the growth rate of this year’s GDP. Numbers, which justify the support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises, which, even in a period of pandemic, bring a positive sign. Numbers, which the market needs in terms of liquidity to restart dynamically. Numbers, which society needs to sigh with happiness and prosperity. Numbers with business discounts and arrangements that will result in repayments. Numbers that confirm the confidence of international markets and strategic investors for emblematic projects in our country. Numbers, in the national plan Greece 2.0 for the way of utilizing 77 billion euros from the Recovery Fund and the new NSRF with emphasis on the digital and circular economy. Numbers, which threaten with high price increases the cost of energy, transport, basic goods and food. Numbers, with domestic countermeasures of absorption and de-escalation of price increases in consumer goods. Numbers, which will sustainably increase domestic production and exports, if we leave behind the mistakes that cost the real economy dearly. Numbers, which the Prime Minister made clear in his speech, behind which are people. There are vulnerable households, indebted businesses, weak social groups and of course the new generation looking for education and work.”

The “benefits basket” is full

Therefore, said Mr. Korkidis “in the business world it is understandable that with so many unbalanced factors that we are facing from the current health and fiscal situation, the government’s benefits basket at this year’s annual appointment at the Thessaloniki International Fair was full of new “financial products”. And it goes without saying that we all need to reap the full harvest. It is binding on the government to complete everything it has planned and committed to since 2019 and has been postponed due to the pandemic.”

In closing, he noted: “So the announcements of the prime minister are welcome, the goals and priorities for households and businesses are welcome.”

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