Speaking about his governance, the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, at the press conference, at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, said that “it was an extremely important move the fact that we reduced the VAT on electricity from 13% to 6% and Mr. Hatzidakis incorporated this reduction of 7 points in the tariffs. I consider very important the factor that the rate on restaurants has been reduced”. He also added that the VAT issue must be assessed based on the potential of the economy.”It would be nice if we could follow a more rational management. At this stage, we believe that the measures that must be immediately implemented to alleviate workers and small and medium-sized enterprises are the measures we submitted yesterday.”

For the property tax ENFIA, he said that a big issue is that the new objective values are being implemented,  “based on which there will be a big increase in the property tax ENFIA”, and “we are waiting to see if the government readjusts it, as it promised”.

He noted that “According to SYRIZA, the property tax ENFIA should be oriented towards a logic of high estate tax and we should see how we could gradually reduce the low values, so that you will have a tax that will create fiscal adequacy for those who have the money and must pay. Our logic for the tax system is a logic of justice and progressiveness.”

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