The tourist traffic on the island of Rhodes will continue until the beginning of November, according to the estimates of the tourist factors of the island that appear to be particularly satisfied with the tourist season despite the adversities of the pandemic.

Hotels on the island are staying open for the first fortnight of November and there is general optimism that the traffic will be particularly good in the coming weeks.

Tourist traffic in the market of the island is especially good, both in the catering industry and in the commercial and tourist shops, as well, the owners of which point out that in most of them, until now there is, in fact, an increased shopping activity.

In September, the tourist season in Rhodes continues at high standards and everyone’s goal is to last as long as possible, since the income from tourism is the driving force of the island.

This goal is considered feasible since, by September 20, according to the estimates of the competent tourist agents, more than 200,000 tourists visited the island.

By the end of September the tourist traffic will be quite close to 300,000 people, a number that reminds us of the tourist season in September 2019, the best year of all time.

At that time, 388,000 tourists had visited Rhodes, while compared to September last year, this year’s performance will be truly spectacular, since the traffic will be almost double. It is recalled that the same month, last year, 150,000 tourists had arrived on the island.

Tourist traffic of the last eight months

In terms of the total traffic of the last eight months in Rhodes, as it appears from the traffic data of the airport “Diagoras”, 868,195 tourists have visited Rhodes, from the beginning of the year until the end of August.

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