New Democracy MP and parliamentary spokesperson Haris Theocharis paid a two-day visit to Boston as an official guest at the IATA (International Air Transport Association) annual general meeting.

The visit coincided with Delta’s announcement of new direct flights between Boston and Athens.

As Mr. Theocharis stated, “I am very happy because, exactly the day I arrived in Boston as a guest of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the American airline Delta announced that from May 2022 it will launch the Boston-Athens direct connection -and in fact with 3 flights a week. This fact is the result of the efforts of many people. I am proud that I also joined my own forces for this purpose. A large wager for Greece and the Government was won. “Those who believed in it and worked for it deserve warm congratulations.”

The introduction of the new flights is a great success, which is mainly due to the persistent action of the Greek community, which, headed by the Consul General of Greece in Boston, Mr. Stratos Efthymiou, had worked intensively for the last three years for this purpose.

In the spring of 2021, the Greek Government proved that it actually supports the request of our expatriate compatriots, with the visits of the Minister of Tourism to Boston, as well as at the headquarters of the three major US airlines (Delta, American and United Airlines).

Regarding Mr. Theocharis’ trip to Boston, the IATA conference is considered extremely important, as in the context of his work, airlines from all over the world announced their commitment to zero emissions by 2050. In addition , during the IATA conference, issues of sustainability, the model of opening up tourism in pandemic conditions, as well as the prospects for the future of air transport were discussed.

The promotion of Greece was particularly positive and with special emphasis on its being a model country for the successful management of the opening of Tourism in the midst of the health crisis.

Mr. Theocharis had the opportunity to present the reasons for this year’s success of Greece, analyzing factors such as the clear and unambiguous message about how safe our country is, the stability of regulations, and the increased care so that the implementation and the dynamic treatment of the conditions for the whole tourist season to be, above all, friendly to the tourist, etc.

The important thing is that at the IATA conference Greece received praise for the consistent implementation of health regulations, setting an example of global best practice. Also, the contribution of our country to the successful recovery of tourism and international travel as a whole was recognized.

During his trip to Boston, Mr. Harris Theocharis had the opportunity to meet in person with top executives of many airlines. He discussed with them the success of the connections with Greece but also their plans for the future, urging the heads of the companies to expand and thicken the itineraries to our homeland.

Finally, Mr. Theocharis in Boston met important members of the Greek community, in order to discuss with them the investment opportunities that our country presents.

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