Three hundred listed companies have been withdrawn from the Athens Stock Exchange’s (ATHEX) “big board” over the past 20 years, according to figures provided by the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.

The de-listings were due to mergers, purchases by other companies as well as insolvency and bankruptcy.

While ATHEX’s board now appears distinctly “thinner”, the development nevertheless contributed greatly to elimination of so-called “zombie” companies traded on Greece’s bourse.

Despite very few new listings since 2011, companies raised roughly 67 billion euros through share capital increases, of which 46.7 billion euros were recapitalizations of Greece’s four systemic bank between 2013-2015.

According to market analysts focusing on ATHEX, the coming period will ostensibly witness several new corporate bond issues and even new listings.

The forecast is for 10 corporate bond issues, including three by shipping companies, one by a supermarket retailer, and two by property developers.

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