The lifting of the immunity of Pavlos Polakis, who is accused of the crime of insult and defamation after a lawsuit filed against him by Mr. Stournaras, was decided by the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

In the vote that took place, 174 deputies voted in favor of lifting the immunity, while 97 voted against and 9 declared “present”.

The characterizations against Stournaras

The lawsuit against him was filed by the governor of the BoG after a post by the SYRIZA MP, in which he called Giannis Stournaras “pitiful” and “wretched” for loans granted by a bank and were not checked but given away, contrary to the case of his own loan which he is repaying.

He called the accusation legally unfounded, arguing that it was part of his political and parliamentary duties, and accused Mr Stournaras of interfering in his parliamentary duties. He spoke of “miserable schemes invented and used by a corrupt and entangled system to cover up its scandals and to take revenge against those who insist on highlighting them and demanding the control and punishment of their protagonists.”

Polakis’ reaction

“I am not afraid of anyone, Mr. Stournara, and I have proved it, vote what you want, the truth is what I said and whatever you do, and no matter how much those who were exposed in previous years try to take revenge, we are not going to submit. we will no lower the flag, nor bow our heads, we are rebuilding the new social alliance and after a very short time things in our country will be different “, he said and added that in his lawsuit Mr. Stournaras states that the phrase “pitiful and wretched head banker” is not in line with the prestige of his position and in addition, such expressions have a detrimental effect to the detriment of the BoG itself.

According to P. Polakis, the actions and omissions of the governor of Mrs. Stournara have a detrimental effect on the Bank of Greece and not his purely political, his own characterizations.

He finally stated that if he himself sued the Minister of Development for what he has written or said against him, but also against the president of SYRIZA and the official opposition party, he would have to take a permanent position in the courts of the former School of Guards.

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