An announcement was issued by the Rector’s Office of the Athens University of Economics and Business on the issue of recent incidents of violence at the Foundation.

As it states, “We strongly condemn the incidents of violence that took place at the beginning of the week, at the beginning of the new academic year, and we wish to inform the public about our actions.

The rectory authorities of the AOP reacted immediately with the following actions:

1) An investigation was conducted into each case of violence against our students and a relevant report was sent to the competent authorities for their further actions.

2) The restoration of the interior of the main building was planned.

3) All members of the academic community of the University were informed with an internal message

We are determined to take every legal action to ensure that our students and all members of the University community have the necessary conditions so that a return to normalcy – in all its aspects – can once again bring the benefits of living. educational process and the achievement of the broader goals of our academic community “.

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