The cruise ship Azamara Pursuit, which has anchored in the port of the city, after the permission of the Port Fund, is facing problems with some local authorities of Preveza.

According to Mr. Costas Conte, former president of the Association of Cruise Shipowners and Shipping Operators (EEKFN) the ship is unable to procure fuel under transit status despite the relevant decision of the Ministry of Finance (March 23, 2021, E.2065 entitled supply with exemption from fuel tax charges intended for the maintenance of cruise ships docked in Greek ports due to the health crisis COVID – 19. ») which concerns all cruise ships moored in Greek ports.

The competent authorities of Preveza refuse to implement the specific law that is already being implemented in various destinations in the territory, says Mr. Kontes and calls on the competent ministries to ensure the implementation of the legislation.

He points out that the stay of the cruise ship in Preveza benefits the local community financially as during its stay in the port will employ, for supplies and maintenance work, a sufficient number of professionals in the area.

At the same time, its stay is an advertisement for the area and as he emphasizes, it should be utilized in order for the ship-owning company to include in its programs the destination of Preveza.

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