The price of honey, illegal λαβελινγ οφ ηονευ ασ Γρεεκ, the activation of ELGO DIMITRA, the increase of subsidies, the National Electronic Beekeeping Register and the promotion of the special characteristics of the Greek honeys, were among the topics that were highlighted in the video conference with representatives from associations of the regions and the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Simos Kedikoglou.

The discussion took place in the context of the Deputy Minister’s circle of contacts with bodies from all over the country in view of the forthcoming establishment of a National Commission for the sustainable development of beekeeping.

The representatives of the Beekeeping Associations from Karditsa, Serres and Thessaloniki summarized the problems of the sector and the proposals for their solution, receiving from the Deputy Minister the commitment that immediate solutions will be sought.

In his initial statement, Mr. Kedikoglou stressed the value of the National Committee set up by the Ministry of Rural Development, which will undertake the creation of the “PlanBee” of Greek beekeeping and will consist of beekeepers with the participation of  ELGO-DIMITRA and the competent department of Thessaloniki University, as well as producers and experts in the field.

“Our goal is traceability in Greek honey in order to increase its value. The Commission will be based in Chalkida, for symbolic reasons due to the recent catastrophic fires, as well as for substantial reasons as most beekeepers from Greece come to Evia,” the Deputy Minister explained, noting that the Commission will meet to appoint a working group next November.

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