The Thessaloniki Port Authority is “opening up” to shipbuilding and repair works, as two companies in the sector, have already rented premises in the port of Thessaloniki, as revealed in the second meeting for this year of the Thessaloniki Port User Council, which was held by teleconference chaired by the Executive Chairman of TPA, Athanasios Liagos and the participation of the Chief Executive Officer – General Executive Director Franco Nicola Cupolo and other company executives.

At the same meeting the case of creation of new ferry lines to Aegean islands and especially the Cyclades, in order to meet current needs, was discussed, an issue that will also be discussed with the Ministry of Shipping and the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN).

More generally, at the meeting, the members of the Port Community discussed the progress of infrastructure development projects, the upgrading of equipment and services provided, the improvement of connectivity as well as the excellent prospects for tourism development, as a consequence of this year’s dynamic Cruise and coastal shipping course, in the Port of Thessaloniki.

The teleconference was attended by a total of 18 representatives from 17 organizations (users and members of the wider port community) who exchanged views on various issues concerning the excellent operation of the Port of Thessaloniki as the main gateway to Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Europe.

Closing the discussion, the Executive Chairman of the Board of TPA, Athanasios Liagos, stated: “With a common vision and open communication channels, we work with users and members of the wider port community to transform the Port of Thessaloniki into a state-of-the-art port and to continuously improve its competitiveness. ».

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