Investment opportunities in agri-food and digital transformation in the primary sector were the focus of discussions between the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. Spilios Libvanos, and the Director-General of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Mr. Qu Dongyu, who met at the Agency’s headquarters in Rome.

Mr. Livanos congratulated the Director-General on the successful work carried out by the FAO, the consistency in his vision for sustainable agri-food systems and especially on his efforts to combat hunger.

He also stressed that Greece and the FAO share the same views and agreed that problems can be an opportunity and a source of progress. At the same time, he recalled his speech at the recent FAO Conference, in favor of a holistic approach to sustainable agri-food systems.

In addition, the Minister commended the General Manager for the recent appointment of Mr. Stefanos Fotios as Director of the newly established office for the goals of sustainable development, as well as for the establishment of the new office.

The FAO Director-General expressed his admiration for Greek culture and said that Greece could play a central role in passing on its rich experience and tradition, for example through the World Heritage Systems (GIAHS), the geographical indication and the sustainable agriculture. He even highlighted the importance of this role, given that small farmers represent the largest portions (84%) of the 570 million farms in the world.

The Minister and the Director General agreed that good investment opportunities in agri-food systems can be a driving force for sustainable multisectoral economic development. It was even stressed that Greece has enormous potential to create local, traditional and historical agri-food systems, which put real farmers at the center, while enhancing their capacity for a better life and helping the digital agrarian transformation.

In this regard, they discussed in detail the International Platform for Digital Foods and Agriculture, as well as the opportunities that new business models provide to start-ups, helping to transform our agri-food systems.

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