Elikonos 2 S.C.A. SICAR announces its ninth investment of 7 million euros and the acquisition of a minority stake in ComSys A.E.

The Company’s activities include the sale of technological products and services that help in the development of sales of companies that operate customer service call centers in Greece and abroad.

The Company, having strategic collaborations with the most important suppliers of technology and communication products abroad, has successfully completed important projects in the fields of financial services, telecommunications and retail in 22 countries. H ComSys A.E. has been active in Greece since 1989 and employs 43 staff.

Elikonos 2 S.C.A. SICAR, a venture capital investment of 85 million euros, aims to finance developing Greek Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Elikonos 2 S.C.A. SICAR is raising funds from the EquiFund Business Holdings Fund, an investment platform of the Greek State and the European Investment Fund (EIF), from the Hellenic Development Bank, from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). EIB) and other institutional and private investors. Elikonos 2 S.C.A. SICAR is managed by Elikonos Capital Partners S.a.r.l., which has been active in the field of venture capital since 2012 with total managed funds over € 100 million.

Equifund is funded by the Greek ESIF Fund of Funds (TAESYM) from the European Union / European Regional Development Fund / Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Operational Program (EPANEK) ), the EIF and Institutional Investors, and aims to facilitate access to finance mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises by establishing Venture Capital Funds in Greece in cooperation with authorized intermediary financial institutions.

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