The interest of the Sklavenitis chain to strengthen its presence in e-commerce remains active. The “debut” of eMarket in Thessaloniki has already been planned, while two new dark stores (sorting centers that serve electronic sales) are expected to be put into operation in 2022 in Attica, in order to improve delivery times.

At the same time, AB Vassilopoulos, having expanded the online channel during the third quarter of 2021, plans to create 2 to 3 sorting centers in the model of the Home Shop Center in Rentis. debuts in Thessaloniki and dark store in Pylea

After Attica, Larissa and a few days ago Patras,, according to information from competent sources, will “land” in Thessaloniki in the first week of December and will serve the surrounding areas.

The same sources state that the dark store where orders will be prepared for the online store of the supermarket chain in Thessaloniki will be housed in an area located in Pylaia.

At the same time, two new dark stores are expected to be put into operation in 2022 in Attica, in order to improve delivery times. It should be noted that in Attica, according to an announcement by the chain, orders are delivered after 4 days.

The two new dark stores will cover the Northern and Southern Suburbs of Attica more effectively. On the north side the property has been found and is located in the area of ​​Kifissia, while the appropriate property is still sought in the south.

Sklavenitis already has a second dark store on Petrou Ralli Street, after the dark store it acquired in Gerakas, Attica, at the beginning of 2020, which belonged to

It is worth remembering that according to the estimates of the Sklavenitis administration, with the appropriate support over a period of five years, e-sales can correspond to 4% of the total turnover.

Collaboration with efood

At the same time, the cooperation of Sklavenitis with efood continues in terms of ordering and not the distribution of products.

The service is available in Attica, Thessaloniki, Volos, Heraklion, Crete, Ioannina, Larissa, Patras, Serres, and Trikala. Consumers choose from a range of 5,500 codes with a minimum order limit of 30 euros.

Order delivery times

As concerns eMarket, consumers can find all the categories of consumer goods that Sklavenitis has in physical stores, except bazaar items (clothing, footwear, household items, seasonal and electrical items, toys, bookstore items, etc.), which are expected to join in the coming months.

The online store has more than 12,000 products and free delivery for orders over 30 euros. The prices of the products are the same as those that apply in the physical stores of the chain.

In Larissa and Patras the delivery time is from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 – 21:00, while in Attica the deliveries take place from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 23:00.

“Dark” stores also from AB Vassilopoulos

With the first “dark” store to support electronic sales with a total area of ​​7,000 sq.m. in Rentis, to serve exclusively Attica, the management of AB Vassilopoulos, a subsidiary of the Dutch AholdDelhaize, is planning its next moves to maintain and develop its market share in the Greek market.

So after the AB Home Shop Center, which has a variety of 11,000 products and collects 2,000 orders every day, 2 to 3 new sorting centers are planned to be established in Athens and Thessaloniki, with the aim of supporting the chain’s online sales.

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