The Administration and executives of SEV met in Ioannina, with the business community of Epirus, as well as with the regional, university authorities and business bodies, on 15 and 16 November 2021. The working visit took place in the framework of the initiatives of the Federation to strengthen entrepreneurship and regional development.

The SEV delegation, headed by the Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Efthimios O. Vidalis, and the President of HITOS SA, Mr. Nikos Hitos, visited industrial units in the area and member companies in Epirus.

Among other happenings, meetings were held with the Governor of Epirus, Mr. Alekos Kachrimanis, the President of the Chamber of Ioannina, Mr. Dimitrios Dimitriou, the President of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, Mr. Konstantinos Zonidis, and the Deputy Rector, Deputy Chief of Staff University of Ioannina, Prof. Mina Paschopoulou. There was also a round table discussion with businessmen and organizations of Epirus from all sectors, on the challenges and opportunities they face, and the ways in which SEV can assist their efforts for the benefit of the local community and economy.

The General Manager Mr. Alexandros Hatzopoulos, intervening via the internet, made an overall briefing on the scope of activities of the organization and the added value it gives to its members and to the whole of entrepreneurship, while Assoc. General Manager, Dr. George Xirogiannis, referred to the recent SEV initiatives for practical business support. During the contacts, the development concerns for the region of Epirus were recorded, and common directions of action were identified for the benefit of the regional economy and society.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Efthymios O. Vidalis pointed out: “SEV works systematically for companies throughout the country, from all sectors of the economy. Our visit to Epirus aimed to open the dialogue with companies and institutions, the Regional Authority and the Rector’s Office, in order to find common ways to help the business development of the region, with our beneficiaries and young people. As part of our contacts, we met dynamic companies and saw that a knowledge and innovation ecosystem is flourishing, which BSE wants and can support. We believe that this can be done in terms of the financial tools of the Recovery Fund, the new NSRF and the Development Law, but also in matters of green and circular economy, extroversion, infrastructure, and of course the upgrading of human resources skills, for the benefit of the local economy and society.”

The President of HITOS SA, Mr. Nikos Hitos, welcomed the initiative of SEV to open a dialogue with the institutions and companies of the Region of Epirus, noting that “it is particularly important the support of SEV to strengthen the role and capabilities of companies of Epirus in investments, green economy, technology, innovation and extroversion. Entrepreneurship in our Region is moving with dynamism and perspective, despite the adverse economic conditions, and we believe that through a productive cooperation with BSE, the development dynamics of Epirus will contribute to the national recovery “.

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