New measures for the unvaccinated may be imposed if the pandemic progresses to the worst.

So at a time when the NHS is under siege due to pressure from the thousands of new coronavirus cases recorded daily, while the new wave of pandemic is unbearably pressuring hospitals – especially in northern Greece with doctors and nurses on the verge of exhaustion , it is not ruled out that the lives of the unvaccinated will become even more difficult as we approach Christmas.

“Our philosophy is that we are not going to go into lockdown type restrictions, either general or special. The measures that will be taken will be measures that will limit the mobility of the unvaccinated and this will not be punitive “, stressed Mr. Plevris speaking to SKAI tv. “The pandemic is rampant across Europe and we need to be prepared,” he said. “All national health systems are under pressure.”

As long as this situation exists, new measures will be taken

As he pointed out, 85% of those in the ICU are unvaccinated. “Plans are constantly made for ICU beds, so that there are no shortages. The NHS still endures. “We are not going to close,” he said. Mr. Plevris clarified that “as long as this situation exists, new measures will be taken. The desire of the government is not to reach a complete restriction of the unvaccinated in social and economic activities. We will insist in this direction, but whatever measures are needed will not be punitive for those of the population that had chosen to be vaccinated and they do not put pressure on the NHS “.

No more measures being considered for the premises hosting the vaccinated

Regarding the increased deaths, the minister explained that “the dead are related to the vaccination coverage. Therefore, by limiting mobility, we act protectively.” As for the vaccinated, he clarified that no other measures will be taken. “In non-vaccinated areas, on the grounds that they are not as at risk of disease as the unvaccinated, no further restrictive measures are considered.”

He left open the possibility of new measures and G.G. Primary Health Care of the Ministry of Health, Marios Themistokleous.

Specifically, the secretary general of the Ministry of Health, Marios Themistokleous spoke about it, and clarified that we will not go to a lockdown, while leaving open the possibility of corrective actions in terms of measures, as we go to Christmas.

“We will not go to lockdown”

“It does not smell like a lockdown, the Minister of Health clarified that we will not go to a lockdown. The best way to strengthen our position against the pandemic is to get vaccinated. We have a pressure on the health system that so far is manageable “, clarified Mr. Themistokleous speaking to Mega.

According to him, “the indicators that concern us the most are hospitalizations and ICUs in hospitals. We are monitoring the situation, the NSS is being strengthened, it is also being strengthened by the private sector by ordering services.

“The situation is not easy but it is manageable,” he added, stressing that “we are also concerned about the death rate, of course. The way to deal with this is vaccination and that is where we need to focus. “Of course we are saddened by the deaths.”

“There may be remedial measures, but no general lockdown”

“Corrective moves or measures until the holidays, without talking about lockdown, can be made.

But there will be no generalized lockdown measures. The pandemic is here and it will not go away in a magical way. “The mask is mandatory indoors and where there is congestion outside,” said Mr. Themistokleous.

“The way we go to the supermarket will not change – Compulsory is not considered further”
Asked about supermarkets, he explained that it is a separate category, because it concerns essential items. “There are very few activities in which one can move without a test.

It is not possible at this time to change the way we go to the supermarket, because it serves basic needs. “The obligation to vaccinate for specific occupational groups, or age groups, is not currently being considered.”

“Currently, the vaccination certificate is valid for those who do not belong to the groups we announced for the 3rd dose. For people of all ages there was a strong recommendation to go to a 3rd dose.

There will be clarifying instructions regarding the disease and the booster dose “, he explained regarding the validity for the vaccination certificate and the 3rd dose.

Measures to keep the market open at Christmas

The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, spoke about the reasoning of the government behind the imposition of the new measures to stop the pandemic that will take effect from Monday.

“The measures are being taken because we have to put a barrier to the spread of the pandemic and not reach the situation that prevails in Northern Europe and keep the market open at Christmas,” he told SKAI.

He went on to explain that the measures are not punitive for unvaccinated citizens and that the restrictions imposed are aimed at protecting both themselves and others:

“Our unvaccinated fellow citizens are in danger and we want to protect them, not punish them. Because their health is endangered, consequently the NHS is also endangered with more hospitalizations”, he stressed.

The two measures to put a brake on the pandemic

At the same time, experts propose various measures in order to put a brake on the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Loukidis insists that the restoration of the mask outdoors and teleworking could help reduce cases,

“It is an issue that many of us have raised, that the mask should be returned to outdoor venues, as well as teleworking, because it reduces mobility during peak hours. These are two measures that are not painful,” he said.

Regarding the third vaccine dose, Mr. Loukidis stressed that the third installment should be made, as it will help build the wall of defense.

“The people who did the 2 doses showed a responsible attitude. We have to be very strict about the third dose. We have to show that it is the right approach to build our defense. We are currently treating people who have taken the 2 doses and did not manage to take the third dose “.

What scientists do not yet know is whether the third dose is for specific age groups and the vulnerable, or if it is for all citizens without exception. “It is an element that we do not have in the literature,” he said. “Science is evidence and it is important that we have this in our hands.”

According to him, the debate on the semester and the “relaxation” of immunity began in Israel. Israel made sure to give the third tranche at the end of the semester and everything shows that the country has “slowed down” the pandemic.

“And to be vaccinated, you have to follow the protective measures. You must be part of this responsible approach,” concluded Mr. Loukidis.

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