A recital of Turkophilia was given by the newly elected mayor of New York Eric Adams in an interview given to the Turkish agency Anadolu.

“Great factors”

Democrat Adams served in the New York Police Department for 22 years, won the mayoral election on November 2, and will take office officially on January 1.

In his interview, he spoke in particularly flattering terms about the Turkish-American community in New York, calling it “a major contributor to our economy.”

“I am a friend of the Turkish people here and abroad. “I have a large Turkish population living in Brooklyn, probably one of the largest in our country,” he said.

In the following tweet, by Turkish journalist Anıl Sural, photos from the visit of “Turkey’s friend Eric Adams” to the Turkish house in New York

“We will bring together delegations of business leaders to look at how to do business here in New York and how to do business in Turkey,” he added.

Shaping humanity

As for intercultural relations, the mayor-elect said he would ask young Americans to visit places such as Istanbul and Cappadocia and elsewhere in Turkey “as we bring young Turkish students to New York to enjoy the rich culture here as well.”

Adams, as he said, has been to Turkey six times and is looking forward to traveling again many times.

Referring to Istanbul, he stressed that the Turks in general “had an excellent ability to preserve history as well as an extremely modern city”.

(Turkish American Magazine, 2019, with Adams on front cover)

“And it is this combination that leads you to understand how Turkey has played an important role in shaping humanity and continues to do so in shaping the future,” he added.

“Looking at the Ottoman Empire and some of its achievements on an intercultural level, I believe that culture through Turkey has played an important role in the history of our country. “This is what attracts me to this country (Turkey),” he stressed.

Annoyance of the Greek community

“I look forward to going to Turkey again and visiting all these great cities with Turkish Airlines. Next time I will go to Cappadocia to fly with balloons,” he added.

He noted that his goal is to have other twinnings of Turkish cities with communities in New York.

These statements did not go unnoticed by the Greek community, which was annoyed by the one-sided presentation of Ottoman Turkey.

In coordinated action with the Armenians and Greeks of Cyprus, they are already preparing to send protest messages.

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