The estimate that the prices of electricity in December will be lower than in the previous month (November) was expressed by the president of the Energy Regulatory Authority, Athanasios Dagoumas, speaking today at the conference of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE).

As he said, the contracts for the supply of natural gas in our country (which decisively affects the cost of electricity generation) are based on the month ahead model, ie the international prices of the previous month. So in November electricity prices rose because they were based on high gas prices for October while in December, as he said, prices will be lower. On the contrary, there are no forecasts for reducing the prices of greenhouse gas emission allowances.

Regarding retail prices, he said that suppliers pass the cost on to the final consumer, as long as they have clauses, otherwise, as he mentioned, they would have gone bankrupt. He noted that RAE is considering possible anti-competitive practices and stressed that despite the reactions, the Authority will proceed with the adoption of the new standards for electricity bills and requests (the relevant decision is expected tomorrow) as well as the abolition of the consumer withdrawal clause. .

At the same conference, the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, stressed that Greece has natural advantages in the field of renewable resources, which we can use to reduce energy dependence and energy costs.

“In the long run this will be very beneficial for the Greek economy, so it should be done quickly. “Time is money, we want to be in the Europe of green energy”, said Mr. Georgiadis. He added that the bill for the development transition of lignite areas with secured resources and less bureaucracy will be submitted to the Parliament this week, while referring to the reactions for the installation of wind farms, he said that it is self-evident that wind turbines are placed where there is more air.

In a message, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, referred to the consumer subsidy measures taken by the government to reduce the effects of rising electricity and gas prices, as well as the new climate law that sets targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. and means to achieve them.

SYRIZA MP Socrates Famellos criticized the government for the increase in energy prices, saying that they are not only due to the international crisis but also to internal problems that reflect the government’s responsibilities.

“We have an oligopolistic market and price manipulation, as the industry complains,” said Mr. Famellos. He also noted that the negative lead of Greece in the price of electricity in November with 229 euros per megawatt hour will affect consumers in the next two months and asked for the consequences of the new market structure (target model) implemented last year to be evaluated.

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