Significant changes in the way Labor Employment Organization OAED operates, but also the radical reform of vocational training and retraining, is included the bill of the Ministry of Labor which will be presented by Minister K. Hatzidakis during today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The basic principles of the new vocational training system, included in the bill, are related to the quality, evaluation and certification of both training providers and trainees.

The aim is to utilize European resources (NSRF and Recovery Fund) in order to improve the so-called “skills matching”, ie the matching of the skills of the workforce with the needs of the labor market. In this sector, our country is performing poorly, which results in many companies not finding suitable employees, although unemployment is high.

It should be noted that today only 51% of employees have a digital skills level. The Ministry of Labor and OAED are redesigning the training programs based on the principle of equal opportunities for all.

One billion euros will be allocated to training programs with special conditions. By the end of 2022, 150,000 beneficiaries will have received a program certificate, while this number will reach 500,000 by the end of 2025. 131 million euros have been secured for OAED training programs until 2025, which will concern 78,000 people.

Speaking yesterday at the Digital Economy Forum 2021, the Minister of Labor, Mr. Hatzidakis, referred to this new intervention and underlined that “this is a radical reform of training in the country”. “Our goal is for the money that will go to the training to take place,” he said, adding:

“Training should not be a secondary thing, but an essential resource, a tool for the employee. OAED pilot projects in collaboration with giants such as Amazon, Google and Cisco show the way we want to follow, to make the best use of the 1 million euro resources for the Recovery Fund, with programs that will benefit 500,000 young people, employed and unemployed in the coming years “.

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