The pandemic and the Omicron variant sparked tensions between the political parties. After taking new measures to stem the spread of the virus, the opposition accuses the government of running after developments and blames it for leaving everything open during the holidays and suddenly within a day took harsh measures that affect the focus.

“A dynamic situation”

“I think the whole management of the pandemic is a dynamic situation. The government has taken measures for compulsory vaccination for citizens over 60 years of age. Omicron forced the government to take some action earlier. This was bad for the market and the restaurants. The Prime Minister himself said that those who are financially affected by these measures will receive a corresponding aid. I do not think the government has closed its eyes. “All this time he has been trying to balance the need to save human lives and the need to save the economy,” said New Democracy MP Anna Efthymiou.

Giannis Sarakiotis, SYRIZA MP, stressed that the government does not listen to the suggestions of the Committee of experts and left hints that it hid the study of professors Sotiris Tsiodras and Theodoros Lytras.

“For 1.5 years now, we have been constantly asking for the minutes of the Committee of Experts and the government is hiding them. When we do not know the official data we can not even submit proposals, whether we will go to lockdown or not. I do not know why the government is hiding them, why it is afraid. Pandemic management must be comprehensive. What we’ve got here has to do with management in all areas, from public transport to schools.”

“There is no room for competition”

Zefi Dimadama, member of the Executive Committee of KINAL, spoke about a difficult situation that does not allow for competitions and fights.

“The situation managed by the government is difficult, but it was a strategy with many problems. The corresponding prevention was not given. As Nikos Androulakis said, businesses should be supported as a matter of fact. What happened is disastrous for business and catering. We do not agree with the measures.

There is a need to revise the aid ceiling, suspend tax, insurance and loan obligations for three months, rent subsidy for the months of December and January. We can not just theorize or complain. “Do not forget, there is also the tsunami of inflation, which follows the tsunami of the pandemic”.

Regarding the reopening of schools after the holidays, Ms. Efthymiou said that the context of the opening will be judged by epidemiologists. In addition, she stressed that from the first day of 2022 the increase of the minimum wage was implemented, while a second increase is expected within the year.

For his part, Mr. Sarakiotis stressed that SYRIZA had been asking for the resumption of telework for three months and accused the government of remembering to restore it when the cases reached 30,000.

Zefi Dimadama commented that SYRIZA called for elections as soon as Nikos Androulakis was elected president of KINAL.

“Now we have to work together and see what happens to deal with the pandemic. We must definitely look at dealing with inflation and price gouging. What KINAL says is ‘vaccination, vaccination, vaccination'”, he concluded.

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