A strong earthquake in Florina measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale shortly after midnight on Sunday and the aftershocks that followed have caused upheaval throughout Northern Greece.

The president of the Organization for Earthquake Planning and Protection (OASP), Efthymios Lekkas, spoke about this on the show Koinonia Ira MEGA.

The area has a history of earthquakes, although not many.

“It’s a question of whether it was the main earthquake. My personal view is that it was but we must monitor the evolution of the phenomenon. We do not have any recent history to see how the area behaves. There was an earthquake in 1920, and some small earthquakes in the area”, said Mr. Lekkas.

“We detected this fault last night, the southwestern part of it passes through the city of Florina, which is why they are felt and because they are superficial.

Seismic activity is in progress, we have 13 earthquakes over 3 degrees. The coordinating body was convened, we are in contact with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection “, he continued.

“The first information is about some damage to old buildings. There are old buildings in the city and in the surrounding villages, so we must be careful not to live in them, and not to pass through them”, stressed Mr. Lekkas.

“The area is characterized by intense seismicity. It has earthquakes. There are 6-7 faults in the wider area of ​​northwestern Greece. The magnitude of the earthquake was very large, and it would be felt beyond our borders. Citizens need to show composure, conditions are difficult, also because of the cold. They must follow the instructions of the authorities,” he continued.

Locals take to streets

Shortly after the earthquake, there was a disturbance in the city of Florina with the residents taking to the streets, remaining on alert for the seismic activity.

After 5.3 Richter followed a “dance” of earthquakes up to 4.2 Richter.

Schools closed in Florina, Prespes, and Amynteo

Meanwhile, as it became known, the schools in Florina, Prespes, and Amynteo will remain closed today, for precautionary reasons after the 5.3 magnitude earthquake focusing on Florina and the barrage of aftershocks that followed.

According to a decision of the relevant mayors, the kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will remain closed on Monday, January 10, 2022 for precautionary and safety reasons, due to the seismic vibrations.

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