The implementation of a wide range of projects, following its agreement with the ELTRAK Group, was announced by the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO 2020 SA).

“This cooperation is a result of the organized effort that has begun several months now in terms of reorganization, remodeling and development of the facilities we received. Our vision for ELVO is to regain its unique capabilities in terms of infrastructure and operational capabilities, as a pioneering industrial unit that can play an active role as a specialized subcontractor in special type vehicles. We hope that this agreement with ELTRAK will be the beginning of a long-term cooperation strategy “, noted the General Manager of the company, Mr. Dimitrios Angelopoulos.

“In just ten months since the transfer of the company to the consortium, we have succeeded in upgrading the facilities so that they can serve projects of high standards and requirements. We have invested significantly in equipment, infrastructure, staffing, while developing partnerships with local suppliers from the area of ​​Thessaloniki. A stable, organized and structured, ELVO will regain its role as the leading Greek vehicle industry, and will expand its footprint, inside and outside the country,” said the Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Orly Katsav.

“The ELTRAK Group and I, personally, are confident that the top quality level of Caterpillar machines, in combination with the know-how of ELVO, will be a decisive factor of success, both for this project and for future collaborations,” he said. Ms. Natasha Covas– Kneiss, CEO of ELTRAK Group.

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