3K Investment Partners has created the 3K Equity International mutual fund, in order to give its clients and partners reliable access to the global stock market, according to a relevant announcement.

This mutual fund emphasizes the quality, the strong fundamentals, the good management and the valuations of the companies in which it invests, adopting a long-term horizon (at least 5 years). Following is active management, in order to select a relatively limited number of company shares, 30 to 60 in number, in order to make the most of the attractive characteristics of the selected companies. It does not copy or follow a benchmark, although for recording purposes it sets the Bloomberg World Large & Mid Cap Net Return Index as a benchmark.

According to the information, the 3K Equity International mutual fund follows the already tested and efficient methodology of analysis and selection of shares of companies in the Greek market, which as pillars has the quality of their profitability, strong fundamentals, good management and attractive values. Typically, the equity funds 3K Domestic Equity and 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity, which follow a similar methodology, have been rated by the independent company Morningstar with the highest distinction of 5 stars (with reference date 31.12.2021).

The participation fee in the 3K International Share is zero (0%) for those who invest in it until June 30, 2022. In addition, the redemption fee is zero regardless of the time period.

The creation and distribution of the 3K International Equity mutual fund is part of the strategy of 3K Investment Partners to offer efficient investment solutions and personalized services to its clients and the investment community at large.

George Koufopoulos, Chairman of the Board and CEO of 3K Investment Partners, said: trust us, specialized access to the global stock market and an opportunity to expand the spread of their portfolios. The new mutual fund of 3K Investment Partners enhances the potential of our customers to take advantage of the opportunities and prospects of international equity markets, through a portfolio of selected companies distinguished for their quality and robustness. The ultimate goal is in cooperation with our clients to offer efficient utilization of their savings and investment funds, in order to achieve their goals and desires “.

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