The Greek stock market is moving in a narrow range of prices today, which, although it shows high nervousness, seems to want to raise buttresses in the uncertainty that prevails in the markets worldwide.

In particular, the general index gains 0.04% to 945.00 points, with a turnover already exceeding 7 million euros.

Nervousness and uncertainty

Nervousness is what’s on traders’ minds today in a market that is clearly influenced by the uncertainty that prevails in international markets and is reflected in the most brilliant way in the yields of government bonds. After all, it is no secret that when bond yields rise, investors seek the security of fixed income securities in order to overcome potential upheavals in the economy. And these upheavals are expected to come mainly from changes in the monetary policies of central banks, especially the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, as the rise in oil prices will bring a new wave of rising consumer prices.

In this context, the yield of the Greek ten-year bond moves, around 1.65%, in a day when the Greek State issues a new ten-year issue in order to improve its liquidity. The amount sought is clearly small, especially considering the liquidity that circulates in the markets worldwide, but what level the interest rate will close at will be a message for or against Greek assets.

In such a context, OTE + 1.54% supports the market, as well as the positive signs in ELHA, Biochalko, PPC, Coca Cola, Eurobank and OPAP, while in the opposite direction, National Bank, Motor Oil, Alpha Bank, Mytileneos, Jumbo are moving slightly downwards.

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