Guaranteed income for the producers and new conquests for the products of Etoloakarnania will be brought by the cultivation of the yellow kiwi variety in the area.

Specifically, the Neapolis Agricultural Cooperative, in the wider context of the actions it has undertaken for the promotion of new crops and the development of the local economy and through its cooperation with Jingold secured the license to cultivate new varieties of yellow kiwis. In fact, in the near future there will be informative meetings with farmers who are interested in engaging in their cultivation and securing a guaranteed income.

It is recalled that the cultivation of kiwi in Etoloakarnania proved to be profitable, as Neapolis AC, centered on its new state-of-the-art packaging plant, created the right conditions for the efficient sorting, storage and promotion of products in international markets.

The new variety of yellow kiwi comes after careful market research and with the supply chain already secured, to give added value and new impetus to the product itself. Yellow kiwi is clearly superior to the well-known green kiwi, it is sweet, it contains remarkable amounts of fiber and vitamin C, it is firm and juicy, with an extremely refreshing taste, which makes it especially beloved by both children and adults.

This superiority of the yellow kiwi is also extended to its selling price and consequently ensures a much higher annual income to the producer.

The partnership between Jingold and AS Neapolis ensures for the producer: integrated management for the development of the crop, continuous guidance by expert agronomists, guaranteed absorption of its production, guaranteed selling price in the markets!

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