Pfizer’s Business Operations & Services Center started its operation in Thessaloniki in April 2021 and is already charting a continuous course of growth, exceeding even the initial planning of the company.

Today, after just 9 months of operation, the Center employs more than 250 people, a number that exceeds the initial target, while it is expected to reach 280 employees in the first half of 2022. More than 30 employees are young people who have returned to Greece from abroad, with a high level of education and specialization.

Serving 50 countries

The Center for Business Operations & Services already serves from Thessaloniki the global organization of Pfizer and more specifically 50 countries fin Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while the goal in 2022 is the further development in this field, in order to serve more than 70 countries on these 3 continents.

The Centre’s services in these countries cover Pfizer’s financial, human resource management, payroll, project management, procurement and internal policies worldwide. In fact, the Center’s staff speaks 23 different languages, offering high quality services in different countries.

“It justifies the choice of Thessaloniki”

Mr. Antonis Chatzimanolakis, Head of Payroll & Business Readiness of the Pfizer Center in Thessaloniki said:

“In just 9 months of operation, the Center for Business Operations & Services has exceeded our initial goals and has entered an upward trajectory of development, both in terms of staffing and the provision of services to the global organization of Pfizer. This fact justifies the choice of Thessaloniki and our country for this investment and highlights even more the high level human resources of our country but also the possibility of permanent repatriation of Greeks abroad (brain re-gain) who left during the economic crisis in the last decade “.

The Center for Business Operations and Services together with the Center for Digital Technology constitute Pfizer’s global investment in Thessaloniki. Within the first half of 2022, the Center will be transferred in parallel to the new facilities of Pfizer in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, which already houses the global Center for Digital Technology.

It is important to note that in December 2021, the Center for Business Operations & Services was approved as a strategic investment by the Interministerial Committee on Strategic Investments.

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