New rapid worsening of the weather with snow in several areas, even in Attica, is expected in the next few hours.

According to the Hellenic National Meteorogical Service, heavy snowfall is expected in Evia, Sporades, in the eastern mainland and the mountains of Crete, with winds up to 6 Beaufort.

Temperature will remain too low. Severe frost will occur in the morning and evening hours on the northwest mainland, while snowfall is expected even in Attica.

As meteorologists report, there will be a gradual weakening of the phenomena at night. The temperature will range from  -03 (minus 3) to 05 degrees Celsius.

Possibility of snowfall in the center of Athens

As the  Minister of Climate Crisis, Mr Christos Stylianides, stated yesterday, the severe weather front Filippos will intensify from the morning hours of Saturday from Macedonia and will “descend” to the northwestern mainland, Attica, Euboea and the Peloponnese.

Particular attention will be paid to Attica due to its large population as well, as the Minister said, while there is also the possibility of snowfalling  the center of Athens.

At the same time, citizens were urged to avoid all unnecessary movements, especially in Attica, Evia, Fthiotida, Boeotia, central and eastern Peloponnese, while drivers were also advised to have anti-skid chains in their vehicles

Then, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Prorection added that from early hours, tomorrow morning, heavy goods vehicles will be prohibited from using Attiki Odos beltway in Athens, as well as parts of Nea Odos motorway between Athens and Lamia.

Further information will be announced later by the relevant bodies, such as the Τraffic Police. There will also be newer announcements on the issue, as well as on the timetable of the means of transport.

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