The Ministry of Digital Government will develop free internet access in approximately 2,600 locations throughout Greece within the next year, as announced by the Deputy Minister Mr. Theodoros Livanios from the OT Forum platform.

The municipalities of the country have already been asked to indicate the appropriate places where the wireless internet access hotspots will be deployed and which include public gathering places, such as squares, parks, cultural centers, etc.

In the context of the discussion on smart cities and digital transformation, Mr. Livanios stressed that “digital transformation does not mean leaving out the local government. Because it is the one that comes close to the citizen every day,” adding that the program for smart municipalities that is already being run by the Ministry of Digital Government is an important starting point through which new ideas will be born.

Regarding the rapid digitization of state-citizen communication, as Mr. Livanios said, about 1,300 digital services are already available through and these are constantly enriched with new services, as took place with the addition of the copy of the police incident book, while the digitization of the Greek Justice is also progressing, for example with the service of summonses for witnesses in court.

He pointed out, in fact, that “the system responds completely regardless of the traffic load, as in the cases of self tests. Whatever problems arise, we immediately deal with them,” he said. Speaking about the response of the people, he stressed that “they experience it in their daily lives, there are some things that change their lives.”

At the same time, the citizens themselves, as he said, are becoming more and more familiar with the use of new technologies, as their communication with the Greek State is facilitated through digital services. “Secondly, technology is coming very close, for example with smartphones. “We are no longer so digitally illiterate, the internet reaches many homes,” he said.

Regarding the cost of internet access, he stressed that “it is low, we are one of the best countries in the development of the 5G network and with the initiative of creating the FAISTOS fund, the development of start-ups is substantially subsidized, which will develop applications for 5G technology.” He added that “it is gratifying that large providers have announced significant investments in the development of the fixed telephony network.” In fact, the tender for the development of fiber optics in areas where there is no commercial demand motivated by the demand subsidy was recently completed.

The Deputy Minister also referred to the possibilities offered by new technologies in improving the accessibility of people with disabilities. “It’s important to help raise the standard of living of these people by using technology,” he said.

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