The president of the Attica Gas Dealers Association, Maria Zagka, spoke to MEGA channel about the continuous increases in the price of gasoline, which in some areas of Greece exceeded 2.6 euros per liter.

Gasoline prices are “stinging” and consumers have reached a breaking point as every day, there is an increase of 0.02-0.04 euros in fuel.

“Oil also is subsidized so it’s 0.15 euros less. Imagine if we did not have this subsidy as well”, stressed Ms. Zagka.

The price on the islands is soaring

In Xanthi, petrol today, Friday, is at 2,295 euros, while 100-octane fuel is at 2,475 euros. Diesel has reached 1,855 euros.

It seems that the gas stations on the islands are also “close” as prices increase rapidly.

In Naxos, the 95 octane unleaded is at 2.4 euros, while for “100-octane” the price reaches 2.60 euros. Diesel is at 2.12 euros.

Indicative prices on the islands:
Nisyros 2.61 € / liter

Amorgos 2.60 € / liter

Folegandros 2,595 € / liter

Fournoi € 2,577 / liter

Milos 2,553 € / liter

Skopelos 2,535 € / liter

Kalymnos 2,529 € / liter

Naxos 2.52 € / liter

Sifnos € 2,509 / liter

Symi 2.5 € € / liter

In the islands, where VAT is reduced, there are small reductions. For example in Chios, the price of unleaded is 2.19 euros.

“We must insist on the horizontal reduction or VAT or reduce the excise tax just for the period of crisis. There is a lot of scandal and it needs to be tackled, the ‘rats’ are having a field day, under the table,” Ms. Zagka added.

Finally, it should be noted that in Athens the price of gasoline reached 2.35 euros per liter

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