The efforts of the Ministry of Tourism for the recovery of the tourist traffic in Greece are bearing fruit, said Μr Vassilis Kikilias speaking to Alpha radio 9.89, despite the fact that we are still facing a global health crisis, a war taking part in the heart of Europe, inflation and energy crisis.

Mr Kikilias also underlined that these very good news came as a result of the extension of the tourist season, the opening of winter destinations, the success of the greekend campaign and the growth of cruise tourism. “All this time we have worked hard to prepare agreements with major tour operators, which is what a serious Ministry of Tourism must do so as to achieve its goal, i.e. to help the average Greek family and the national economy increase their income”, said the Greek Minister of Tourism.

Greece as the fifth best tourism brand in the world

“Greece has been ranked as the fifth best tourism brand in the world and we continue to support and upgrade it, doing our best to have a quality tourism product, to offer good services and to increase the income from tourism”, he said characteristically.

Mr. Kikilias made special reference to the tourism development and the upgrading of the historic center and the “Athenian Riviera”, emphasizing that the agreement reached with the American airlines for 63 direct flights per week, brings to Athens a very large number of high spenders who significantly strengthen, not only the hotel industry, but also the catering, entertainment and shopping stores of the Greek capital.

Finally, regarding the workers in the tourism sector, the minister said that the co-responsible ministries have taken important steps in the right direction to fill the vacancies, which is a pan-European problem due to the lockdowns of the previous years, but also regarding the protection of workers and travelers. “As far as the island of Mykonos is concerned, one of our strongest brands, I have to say that all three ministries – Development, Labor and Tourism – carry out repeated inspections and impose strict fines, in order to protect the professional ones and to isolate those who try to do harm” pointed out Mr. Kikilias.

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