The need to adopt a new model of productive development of the agricultural sector based on scientific knowledge and emphasis on the triptych environment-innovation-competitiveness, in order to effectively address the challenges of the new era, said the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. George Georgantas, at the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – ELGO in Thermi, Thessaloniki, where important environmental research activities of the Organization were presented and two new structures were inaugurated.

The event took place in anticipation of World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5.

For the implementation of this new model, Mr. Georgantas said that the immediate priorities of the Ministry of Regional Development are:

1. The development of circular economy actions

2. The development and productive promotion of eco-innovative solutions based on nature

3. Supporting the energy transition by developing and promoting alternative energy production methods from agricultural waste and biomass

4. The development and implementation of water management systems and climate change adaptation strategies, with an emphasis on environmentally sensitive areas, such as fire-affected areas

5. The utilization of modern information and communication technologies

6. Strengthening cooperation, especially on environmental issues.

As Mr. Georgantas said, the climate crisis is creating a new reality and it is the duty of the state to shield the primary sector, as it is affected more than other sectors of the economy.

Among the most important environmental challenges facing the primary sector at this time, Mr. Georgantas included the degradation of soil resources with increasing desertification, the reduction of water availability and pollution, the reduction of biodiversity, and especially the degradation of biodiversity. areas due to natural disasters, such as floods and fires that have become more frequent in recent years.

In closing, he noted that the goal should be environmentally friendly investments and reminded the moral duty of all of us to give our children an environment at least the same as the one we received from our parents.

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