Speaking on Thursday, June 16, at the 13th South Eastern Europe Energy Dialogue organized by the Southeast European Energy Institute in Thessaloniki, Dr. Katerina Sardi, CEO and Country Manager of Energean in Greece characterized the agreement signed on Wednesday in Cairo between the European Union, Israel and Egypt as particularly important. The agreement provides for the export of Israeli gas to European markets through Egyptian liquefaction terminals.

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At the same time, Ms. Sardi noted that further exploration and utilization of our natural resources should be undertaken ASAP to avoid a future energy crisis in Europe. In addition, according to Ms. Sardi, Europe should fill the gas storage facilities by 80% by November and by 90% thereafter, and strengthen European infrastructure, with emphasis on the possibility of transporting natural gas through pipelines from the main LNG reception points to consumers.

Energy security

The CEO and Country Manager of Energean in Greece also estimated that investing in the development of gas fields and the required infrastructure will enhance energy security, without hobbling the goal of transition to a low-emission economy.

Finally, Ms. Sardi mentioned the $ 3 billion Energean investment focusing on gas production in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the company’s plans to build the first CO2 storage complex in Prinos, with parallel production of ecological hydrogen (Eco H2).

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