During the two-day OT conference, concepts that seem complex and vague to many, despite their widespread use in public discourse – such as smart cities, digitization, artificial intelligence, energy transformation – were made clear, and also highlighted as tools for creating a sustainable and better future.

For two days, in more than 40 panels and thematic sections, more than 150 selected and well-versed guests gave their all providing clarity on such complex subjects and offering solutions and strategies to combine meta-Living with a substantial improvement in the quality of life.

The main presenter of the conference Dinos Siomopoulos noted the absence from this conference of the late Costas Tsaousis, pioneer and one of the inspirers of the idea of ​​the OT Forum, who unfortunately did not live to see this latest endeavor.

“But from up there, I am sure he will be proud of this OT Forum, which we want to dedicate to him,” said Dinos Siomopoulos.

An insightful pioneer who was ahead of his time, Costas Tsaousis would surely approve and would be delighted by the OT Forum on Meta Living.

“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people,” Confucius said.

Scientists, politicians and businessmen who believe, as we at OT do, that without knowledge and planning the future will always find us unprepared and lamenting missed opportunities, shared their proposals and the number of solutions that have already been implemented internationally to formulate the necessary strategy that will lead Greece to the meta-reality of the new era.

The funds from the new NSRF and the Recovery Fund, as the experts pointed out, can make the greatest contribution to realizing this investment for the future of Greece and the generations to come, against the ills that have traditionally plagued Greek society.

And it is exactly these “ills” that OT is committed to eradicating through our articles and reporting on ot.gr, as well as through our conferences.

So, in rounding out our latest Forum we are setting the stage for our next rendezvous with insightful guests from Greece and around the globe in September at the Thessaloniki International Fair, to which we are already full heartedly inviting you.

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