Readers of the popular Travel + Leisure magazine were invited to rate their favorite islands worldwide, as they do every year.

Scoring criteria such as activities, attractions, natural beauty and beaches, food, local hospitality and prices, Travel + Leisure came up with a list on which three Greek islands are among the 22 best.

These are Milos, Paros and Crete. Ischia of Italy topped the list of best islands of the world.

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1. Ischia, Italy

2. Maldives

3. Bali, Indonesia

 4. Milos, Greece

 5. Fiji Islands

 6. Galapagos

7. Phuket, Thailand

8. Domenica

9. Boracay, Philippines 

 10. Cape Breton, Canada

11. Paluan, Philippines  

12. Paros, Greece

 13. Azores, Portugal

 14. Phú Quốc, Vietnam

15. Murea, French Polynesia

 16. Sebu, Philippines

17. Ibiza, Spain

18. St. Vincent and Grenadines

 19. Madeira, Portugal

20. Maui, Hawaii

21. Anguila

22. Crete

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