A significant boost to this year’s tourist traffic of Samos and North Evia gave the vouchers of 300 euros and 150 euros respectively that have been made available so far, as the presidents of local hotel associations told the Athens Macedonian News Agency. Especially, during the month of July, the above finding was very evident in both Samos and North Evia, increasing the optimism for those two destinations.

In the current period both these regions are experiencing an excellent August in terms of occupancy in the rooms offered, while the operators do not rule out an extension of the tourist season beyond October. The above statement is reinforced by the recent statement of the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister, Mr Christos Triandopoulos, who pointed out that, in September, 7,000-8,000 digital debit cards of 150 euros will be made available again for citizens to use for tourism in North Evia and Samos.

High occupancy rates in Samos

As far as Samos is concerned, the president of the island’s Hoteliers Association, Mr Yannis Fterogiannis, pointed out that the 300 euro voucher helped a lot the Greeks who wanted to visit Samos, as it reduced transport costs. Occupancy rate, during the month of August, are over 90%, while finding a room is very difficult for those who want to book a last-minute holiday. With over 2,000 rooms on offer, finding a room is a difficult gamble. In Samos, until mid-October, there are scheduled charters which makes Mr Fterogiannis optimistic about extending the tourist season until November.

Positive picture in North Evia

In the same vein, the President of the Edipsos Hoteliers Association, Mr Theodoros Roumeliotis, expresses to the Athens Macedonian News Agency his optimism about the tourist traffic in North Evia so far and focuses on the positive impact that the 150 euro vouchers have had on the region’s traffic. He explains that these enabled families to visit North Evia on weekends, in July. Meanwhile, Mr Roumeliotis expects a new wave of visitors in September following the announcement of the new 7,000 vouchers of 150 euros that will be made available at the end of August.

Economic growth

Samos today has a very rich network of tourist facilities and services for foreign visitors, which contribute to a different kind of economic growth. Apart from its natural beauties, its beautiful beaches and the lush vegetation of its mountains, the visitors can also tour the archaeological sites at Heraion and the Eupalinio tunnel, the Archaeological and Byzantine museums of the island, its Library or its Palaeontological Museum. In addition, one can still visit the monasteries with their impressive wall paintings, such as the Holy Monastery of Megali Panagia or the monastery of Panagia Vrontiani, etc.

Moreover, the industrial buildings, the tannery in Karlovassi, the tobacco factories in the town of Samos, the wine storehouses in Agios Konstantinos and loads of other things to see remind us of the everyday life in Samos some years ago. Each village with its church, school, the arrangement of houses around the square, the gardens, vineyards and small olive groves, as well as the chapels scattered in the most beautiful locations, are a very charming image and become an attraction for every foreign visitor. (Source Municipality of Samos)

North Evia claims a significant share of tourist traffic

As the mayor of Istiaia – Edipsos, Mr Ioannis Kontzias, has stressed to the Athenian Macedonian News Agency, this year North Evia claims a significant dividend of tourist traffic.

Currently, the main volume of foreign visitors comes from Romania, while before the war in Ukraine, lots of Balkans and Russians were present in the region every year, explains the president of the Association of Hoteliers of Loutra Edipsos. Meanwhile, the targeting of tourism operators includes the development of relations with Poland and Israel, according toMr Kontzias.

In addition to the beautiful beaches of the islands, tourists can also visit a certified winery and a cheese factory in the area, having, in this way the opportunity to understand the secrets of wine and milk.

It should be noted that North Evia is home to many important monasteries. Particularly popular are the Holy Church of Agios Ioannis Rossos and the Monastery of Osios David, which receive visitors from all over Greece and abroad. Meanwhile, the Monastery of Agia Irene Chrysovalantou, the Monastery of Panagia Dinios and the Galataki Monastery are also open to visitors.

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