The new “MyAttica” application for mobile phones offers a new possibility of digital communication between citizens and the Region of Attica.

According to a relevant announcement of the Region, “MyAttica” gives citizens the possibility to get informed on their issues of interest or on different everyday issues.

The Multichannel Citizen Service System

The creation of the mobile application “MyAttica” is part of the expansion and upgrading of the Multichannel Service System for Citizens and Businesses of the Region of Attica (Citizen’s Guide, Digital Services, 1512 hotline, Digital Appointments etc. etc.) and is included in the general actions of the Digital Transformation.

The governor of Attica Region, Mr Giorgos Patoulis, referring to this new service, pointed out: “The applications of new technology give added value to the specialized services that can be used for the convenience of all of us. With “MyAttica” application, the Region of Attica strengthens two-way communication with citizens. After all, this should be one of the main objectives of local government: the direct interconnection of its services with the final recipient, i.e. the citizens.”

How the new application functions

By downloading the application through applestore, googleplay, etc., each citizen can select the thematic categories and geographical units for which they want to learn about developments and to get an overall picture of the actions of the Region of Attica.

At the same time, the users can have access to the digital version of the Citizen’s Guide, in order to be informed in a timely and accurate manner on information they want.

Finally, each user of the application, having the possibility to report in real time problems related to the roads of Attica, contributes to tackle some everyday problems.

The application is provided free of charge and can be found with the keyword “MyAttica” on digital application distribution platforms (applestore and googleplay).

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