“Fuel adulteration is not a new phenomenon, but today the smugglers and those who adulterate fuel have become experts in this game, so it is very difficult to catch them” Athanasios Papadopoulos, vice-president of the Federation of Gasoline Dealers of Greece, pointed out.

Speaking on public FM broadcasters First Program 91.6 and 105.8, he explained that adulterated fuel causes damage to car engines, fuel systems, combustion system, injectors, cylinders and many automotive parts.

“Many times it causes immediate damage as well as long-term damage, which is slowly created by wear and tear,” said Mr. Papadopoulos, noting that fuel professionals also suffer a great deal of damage. “Since there is a gas station that sells adulterated fuel, it is certain that he has bought it at a very low price, so he sells below cost to boost sales,” he noted.

Big price differences are not normal

“When 90% of gas stations sell at one price, for example 2 euros, it is not possible for one station to sell at 1.80. Consumers should understand this,” Mr. Papadopoulos pointed out, saying that the big difference in price is not normal.

“For one person to have 2 euros and another to sell for 1.95 euros is within a logical market framework caused by the daily chore of buying fuel, with one dealer’s invoices today and another’s tomorrow depending on consumption. But when there are large discrepancies, you have to be suspicious. Prices cannot differ by 15 cents. The range of our prices is based on the price of the refineries that comes out daily through the system. From here on, due to the ceiling that has been introduced since 31 August 2021, this margin is what we also see today. We cannot say that when someone sells below the refinery price,  it is a normal situation”, said the vice-president of the Federation of Gasoline Dealers of Greece.

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